Gecko's Place

My name is Timur Gafarov, I'm also known as Gecko and gecko0307. I'm an artist and computer graphics developer from Russia. My hobbies include game development, realtime 3D graphics, physics simulation and image processing. I write mainly in D language. Currently I work as a banner maker in SmartHead.


You can find my artwork at, Instagram, or Behance.

3D modeling

You can buy models made by me (and download some of them for free) at

OpenSource projects

dlib – general purpose code library for game development

Dagon – 3D engine

dmech – physics engine

This is not a full list, see other projects at my GitHub profile.

Follow me on Medium where I post articles on D. For Russian-speaking readers I also recommend visiting, where I sporadically share my developments, plans and thoughts.

Game Maker & Xtreme3D

In 2005-2009 I was an active Game Maker user, and put a lot of effort in making 3D games with this tool. One of my finished GM projects is Crematorium, a Quake-style first person shooter I made for a contest. I don't seriously use Game Maker anymore, but still support a site dedicated to 3D graphics extensions for GM, specifically Xtreme3D, once-popular wrapper of GLScene.

You can find some of my old GM games here.

Contact Me e-mail or VK.